8/24/13 - Chemo Class

We had chemo class yesterday. We - meaning Bud, Robyn, Mike and I. They showed us a video of all the possible side effects and showed us a tour of the facility. It was a bit overwhelming hearing about all the possible problems that can develop, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. On our way out, the nurse pointed out the crash cart. Not sure why we needed to know about that, but I'm guessing they want you to know they are prepared for anything. Shouldn't we just assume they are prepared considering it's a hospital? Does that really need to be a necessary part of the tour? Each person gets their own special area rather than everyone being in the same room, complete with a TV and WiFi. Sounds rather vacation like doesn't it? Can't wait for my Taxotere-Carboplatin-Herceptin cocktail! I'll drink that with a side of  Tylenol-Zyrtec-Benadryl-Zofran.

On our way out we picked up a prescription for steroids - Dexamethasone. Because one of my chemo drugs is Taxotere, I have to take two tablets twice a day for 5 doses starting with the morning before chemo - which is tomorrow morning. One of the side effects of the steroids is mood swings - I've got that side effect covered already so sounds like nothing will change there! I found out I will have to give myself Neupogen injections. I thought this was something the chemo team did after each infusion but found out otherwise. Apparently I have to give myself injections at home and I wasn't too clear on how often I will have to do that. One of the side effects of Neupogen is bone pain. Another symptom I have covered - just hope it doesn't get any worse. I thought one of the better side effects would be weight loss - however, I'm told that I will most likely gain weight due to the steroids - grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! The whole process sounds so appealing. After doing more research on Taxotere, I found that some women have permanent hair loss. That was something I didn't know and not something the medical team disclosed. So let's summarize - sounds like I'll be a bald, overweight, cranky woman, riddled with bone pain. Happy days for BudBud!!!

All kidding aside, after chemo class I was really questioning whether I want to do this or not. I didn't really talk about the more serious side effects because I'm trying not to let my brain go there. I feel like if I think about them, I may cause them to happen. So today I tried to keep my mind off of everything by going wig shopping! I found a really cool wig place in Woodland Hills called Godiva's Secret Wigs. There was a really nice lady that helped us pick out a wig that looks pretty close to my own hair. I would definitely recommend them because they have a pretty big selection. It was a long way for us to drive but well worth it. Of course we stopped for lunch, because as you all know, we are eating our way through treatment. I guess this wasn't really considered treatment but we figured it was close enough.

Now I'll share something fun. For your listening pleasure, I present, Robyn and Gareas - you can decide which one is Robyn and which one is Gareas.

Have a great weekend!


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