8/10/13 - Consult with HMO Oncologist

I had a consultation with the HMO Oncologist yesterday and he was on-board with the OC doctor's treatment plan. I really liked the doctor. He's seems to really care about his patients and I think he's a good fit. I think we finally have a good team in place. I have a bunch of prep work to do the next few weeks. They check your heart to make sure it can withstand chemo treatment. I've got a bone scan scheduled as well as blood tests. They also give an immunization for pneumonia.  August 23rd is my chemo orientation and on August 26th they start treatment. I went to the dentist last week for a cleaning. They recommend you do that before chemo due to the problems that can develop in the lining of your mouth. They also referred me to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Several months ago I burned my gum on hot soup and it still hasn't healed. I guess they want to check it out before I start treatment. I had a choice of having a port inserted in my chest to administer the chemo, but decided against it. With only four treatments scheduled, we decided not to risk the complications a port could create. I'm told I will definitely lose my hair, but it can take up to 14 days after starting treatment. I'll probably get it cut really short so it's not so traumatic when it starts falling out. It's quite a drive to the new Oncologist who is also located in Orange County.  I'm fortunate that Bud and Mike came with me to my appointment  and we got to have a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the OC. Maybe we can just eat our way through treatments!! Sounds like a great plan.

That's all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Beppy :)


  1. Thanks for the update.....Love you sis! Your my hero.....:)

  2. I hope all your tests turn out well so you can get started kicking that cancer's butt! The boys and I love you so much! Thanks for keeping us updated. Looking forward to more!

  3. My prayers are with you -