8/19/13 - Robyn is Home

This past Saturday Robyn moved home for three months. She wants to be here while I'm going through my chemo. Her employer has agreed to let her work from home. I feel badly that she left her home in Northern California, but the selfish part of me loves having her home! Her boyfriend Michael, drove down with her and flew home on Sunday. She also brought her dog to stay, so now our household has three dogs, a cat and four adults. It's nice having a full house again. She is such a great daughter and we are so lucky to have her around. Bud is really glad that she's home because now he has someone to argue with about nonsensical stuff. Actually, they call it debating and Mike and I just roll our eyes. For the sake of this blog, we will call our son Mike and Robyn's boyfriend Michael. Yes, they do have the same name - very confusing.

Tomorrow I've got to get blood drawn, get a pneumonia shot and have a blood pressure check. One week until chemo day and I must say I'm getting pretty nervous about having poison pumped into my veins. The whole process doesn't make much sense to me, but I'm trying to go with the flow. I can't really grasp the concept of having my immune system completely destroyed to help fight cancer. The whole thing seems counterproductive. I guess at some point you just have to trust that your doctors know what they are doing.

That's all for now, hope you're all doing well!

Beppy :)

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