11/27/13 - 1st Herceptin Only Infusion

Monday I had my first Herceptin only infusion. I used to think that bad traffic was a precursor for a horrible infusion, but now I've changed my mind. Traffic was terrific yesterday. So terrific that we arrived almost an hour early. My appointment was for 2:00 p.m. and they actually called me in at 1:30 p.m.  I was feeling pretty chipper and didn't even complain when I didn't get my favorite nurse. BAD MISTAKE - I should have complained, screamed and jumped up and down. Hmmmmm, oh wait - I'm not capable of jumping up and down - oh well, you all get the picture.  The nurse came over to my tiny cubicle. She looked nice enough and even seemed to know what she was doing. She started my line and of course she didn't get in right away. What is it with nurses moving the needle around until they hit the vein? I knew right away it wasn't going to work, so I asked her to take it out and try again. It seems she knew better and kept at it, finally hitting the vein. By the time she got in

First Attempt
Second Attempt

Bruise Left From Three Weeks Ago
I was already in pain. I kept the line in for around 10 minutes hoping it wouldn't hurt as much as it did, but I knew I couldn't get infused with the way it was feeling. So Bud called over the move the needle around till I hit the vein nurse and we asked her to take it out. Now let me make this clear, I'd much rather be stuck twice than have them hunt around. Once the needle was out, I asked for my favorite nurse. I was no longer chipper and I decided being grouchy serves my purpose much better. Being nice gets you nowhere in the infusion room. My favorite nurse, Christine is an angel. She went to my other arm and got right in with no problems. Why can't they all be like that? My Herceptin bag showed up around 2:15 p.m. and they started the infusion. Forty-five minutes later we were out of there.

I don't anticipate any side effects because I'm no longer on the yucky stuff. I am feeling fatigued but I'm sure that's leftover from the chemo. I'll check in before my surgery on Dec. 4th. I'll also start posting hair pictures so you can see the growth progress. At this point I'm still looking like an ostrich.

Thanks for checking on me,


Thanks to my sister, Peg for visiting me last week and bringing me lunch. It was great to see you :)


  1. My heart bleeds for you - I used to ask for a special nurse when I was getting bloodwork twice a week. There is a definite difference. I too was unlucky - it always took 3-4 times before they got my blood. Hope this is soon all over for you - Love Aunt Jayne

    1. Hi Aunt Jayne,

      I remember you mentioning how you hated getting blood-work. Maybe it's genetic that our veins aren't very good? Thanks for the comment :)

  2. My pleasure sis! Love you....It'll be over soon :)

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    2. Love you too! Come over anytime - you're ALWAYS welcome. Especially when you buy me lunch - hahahaha.