11/24/13 - Pre Op Appointment

I went for my pre op appointment on Friday the 22nd. I decided against the sentinel node biopsy. I thought the surgeon would give me a hard time regarding my decision, but she was fine with it. Because I've already done chemo, she said she understands why I wouldn't want to have the procedure. I also talked her out of inserting wires into my clips before surgery. When they did the core needle biopsy the radiologist inserted clips into my tumors. Typically right before surgery you have an ultrasound to find the clips and they insert wires through your breast - this helps the surgeon locate the tumors. Because we can still feel the tumors, I convinced the surgeon that we don't need the wires. That's one less procedure I have to go through and one less possible infection.

I also met with the anesthesiologist. Due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis of the neck and the problems they had 10-years ago getting the tube down my throat, they've elected to do fiber optic anesthesia. The only problem with this procedure is I'll have to be awake when they insert the tube down my throat. I'm not too thrilled about this, but I found no way to talk my way out of it. He said he would medicate me so I may not remember.

I had blood work done too. My white blood counts are good but I did have some abnormal results in other areas. My sodium is slightly elevated (146). My AST is high (36) as well as my LDH (182). I haven't received any panicked phone calls, so I'm assuming this stuff is all a result of the chemo. My potassium and magnesium have returned back to normal.

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That was my day of pre op stuff. Everything took about three hours - not too bad. I will report on my first Herceptin only infusion on Monday. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


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