11/19/13 - Counts Are Up

Just a quick update to let you all know how I'm doing. My blood counts are up and my digestive system is improving. My ALT level was slightly elevated again but hopefully that will improve now that I'm feeling better. Friday I have my pre-op appointment and Monday I have my first Herceptin only infusion. I have my days and nights mixed up - I seem to be up all night and feel like I could sleep the day away. I hope the fatigue gets better before surgery. When I had surgery ten years ago the anesthesiologist had a difficult time getting the tube down my throat due to my RA. This time they are going to do fiber optic anesthesia. Hopefully I can learn more about that procedure at my pre-op appointment. My lumpectomy is scheduled for December 4th. Once the pathology comes back on the tumors, we will decide on the next course of action.
Baylee - 14-years-old next month

Robyn comes back home on Dec. 3rd and will go back to NorCal on Dec. 14th. Bud and I have really enjoyed spending time with her and we can't wait until she moves back permanently.

That's about all for now. I will update after my pre-op and Herceptin appointments.



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