10/30/13 - MUGA Scan - Ejection Fraction 63%


Yesterday I had a MUGA scan (Multi Gated Acquisition Scan). It was a fairly simple procedure. Like the bone scan, I received an injection into the vein where they typically draw your blood. All I felt was a slight pinch. I had to wait 20 minutes and then they gave me another injection in the same area. That injection hurt a bit more because the technician couldn't get into the vein so he ended up having to stick me twice - no big deal. I took a picture of the machine for anyone who is interested. I had to lie on my back while they positioned the machine over my chest. If you are claustrophobic this is an easy test - there are no tunnels to go into. I was able to listen to my iPod during the test. My playlist consisted of The Traveling Wilburys, Eric Clapton, Greg Tannen and The Weepies. Good music makes all the difference when they are sticking you with needles and taking pictures of your innards. I had to stay still but I was able to breathe normally. The whole test took about twenty minutes. The great news is my Ejection Fraction went from 51% to 63% which is excellent news. My chemo is back on for next Monday, November 4th. Once I found out my EF was low I decided to push myself to walk every day. I got so tired from the chemo I stopped exercising and I think that was a big mistake. I'm not sure if the walking contributed to the rise in number, but I would like to think that it made a difference. So from now on, no matter how badly I'm feeling, I will force myself to walk every day.

Today I'm scheduled for the ultrasound to see how my tumors are shrinking. This is the test I'm nervous about. I sure hope it's good news. I will keep you all posted.



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