10/24/13 - Surgeon Appointment

This week I had an appointment with my surgeon. She examined my tumors and she said she thought they were getting smaller. Now here's my question - is it really necessary for doctors to press so hard when they do their exam? I mean geesh - are they trying to feel lumps in your back? If my tumors did shrink, after that exam they probably swelled up from all the pressure. I guess I can forgive her though - after all, she did hold my hand through the core needle biopsy. She ordered an ultrasound of both breasts along with my lymph nodes. I'm really against having any kind of lymph node dissection, so I'm pushing to forgo that part of my surgery. We will see what the ultrasound shows before I make my final decision. My lumpectomy is scheduled for December 4th. I also saw my Oncologist this week. He said he had an extensive talk with the surgeon and she said she didn't think my tumors had changed in size. Ok, now I'm confused - did she tell me she thought they were getting smaller to make me feel better? I check them daily and I know there are definitely changes. They are not as hard as they were and I think they feel smaller. The Oncologist said he would be very surprised if there was no change. He also said what we are feeling may be scar tissue from the tumors shrinking. I sure hope so because I would hate to think I put my body through this whole chemo process for nothing. He ordered another Echocardiogram to see how my heart is doing on the Herceptin - I have that scheduled for tomorrow. The Oncologist said he understands why I wouldn't want to have the sentinel node dissection considering my history, and he will support me with whatever decision I make.

I developed a cold a few days ago and I'm hoping it just stays a cold. I really don't want to delay my fourth and final chemo. I can't wait to be done with this portion of my treatment. It looks like my hair may be growing back just a wee bit. I still have my eyebrows and my eyelashes, although the eyelashes are a little sparse. Other than the cold, I'm feeling much better so I'm guessing that my blood counts must be up. Still dealing with the slow-down of my digestive tract. If the Senna and Colace don't start doing the job, I may consider dynamite - or maybe a plunger!

That's all for now.


Thank you to my niece Chris for the spaghetti and the cute hat you made for me. That was so thoughtful of you to think of me. Thank you also to my niece Melissa for the hats you made as well. They were adorable too - you have no idea how cold a bald head can be. I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

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