3/2/14 - Radiation 4/27 Completed

I started radiation last Monday. Other than being extremely tired and feeling a bit sore, I seem to be doing fine. So far I've had no skin reactions.

I'm more worried about Budly and Mike. Bud has been the sickest I've seen him. He's been on antibiotics and is back to work, but that cough of his sounds horrible. If it doesn't improve by this week, it's back to the doctor he goes. Mike has been sick too. He can't seem to keep anything down. I've been nursing him with bland foods. I've made two batches of homemade chicken soup in one weeks time. That's a lot of soup. I've got sick germs swirling around me! There's no time for sickness though - I'm determined to knock this radiation stuff out of the park, and get on with life.

I'm surprised at how exhausted I am since starting radiation. I thought it was cumulative, and didn't realize I'd be this fatigued so soon into the treatments. Maybe it's the long drive back and forth. It seems to have hit me big time this weekend. I've been napping in between taking care of the boys. Although I must say, trying to take care of Bud is like pulling teeth. He's very stubborn about letting me do anything for him. You'd think he'd know by now, I'm tough as nails. I'm like the energizer bunny who takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Much love,



  1. lol....that's a timex watch that takes a lickin..... Silly girl! Love you!

  2. hahaha. Just call me Zinzi. Love you too :)