3/12/14 - Radiation 11/31 Completed

The Zapper

Yesterday I completed 11 of my 31 radiation sessions. So far everything is going well. I'm fatigued from driving back and forth, but my skin is holding up really well, so far. I had an appointment with the doctors yesterday for a skin check. He told me to start applying the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera, twice a day. Up until now, they didn't want me putting anything on my skin. I took a picture of the zapper for those that are interested. I'm starting to feel a bit sore in the area, and I get zinging pain once in awhile. I've found that radiation is an excellent remedy for insomnia. I find myself going to bed much earlier than normal, and most nights I only wake up a few times. Too bad they can't come up with a way to bottle fatigue. Then when you can't sleep, just pop a fatigue tablet.

Close up of the Zapper

On a fun note, Hunter started T-ball this week! It's so much fun going to his games. He always tries his best and is such a pleasure to watch. I love how he's always looking over to make sure we are all watching. Then he gives us the thumbs up - he is just way too cute. I'll post pictures once I get them downloaded from my camera.

Hope you're all having a great week so far. Thanks for checking on me.



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