3/20/14 - Radiation 18/31 Completed

Today I finished 18 of my 31 radiation treatments. I've got 7 regular zaps left and 6 boosts. I'm heading down the home stretch! My skin is still holding up pretty well. I feel tightness and occasional pain, but nothing earth shattering. Dare I hope that I get through with no skin problems? The only real side effect I've had is I'm sleepy ALL the time. I'm not really counting that as a bad side effect though. Seems these treatments have helped other things that I've suffered. The chemo pretty much put my RA into remission, and the radiation has solved my insomnia problems. I guess there's always a bright side to everything if you look for it. I can't wait to be finished. Still not finding the bright side of driving over two hours a day, but I'm sure there's gotta be something good about it. Hey I know, I'm developing awesome driving skills - although, I've always been a pretty good driver. My kids don't think so, but what do they know?

Tuesday was my looooong day. Drove a little over an hour to radiation, drove about 1-1/2 hours for my Herceptin infusion, and then drove 1-1/2 hours home. I only have to do that one more time during radiation. I think I may try and talk my MO into letting me skip one of my Herceptin infusions, and make it up on the back end.

This week I've had a bit of an RA flare up. Also had flu like symptoms, but I know I don't have the flu. Not sure if it's radiation related or not. I'm feeling better today though, and I'm looking forward to my girl coming home to celebrate the ninth anniversary of my 42nd birthday! She's flying in on Thursday, March 27th and staying through the weekend.

Hunter started T-ball last week and we've been going to his games. He is such a good little ball player, and always has his head into the game. Here are a few pictures from last week. He got the game ball this particular game. He is six years old, an awesome player and the cutest kid out there. No, I'm not prejudiced :) Just ask his Mom and Grandma - they'll tell you.

Waiting for his turn at bat.
Elbow up!
Getting ready to swing.
Was given the game ball - he had some great hits!

That's all for now. Thanks for checking on me.



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