2/6/14 - Radiation on Hold Again

A few days ago I discovered another lump at 3:00. I went for my appointment yesterday to finish my simulation, get tattooed and possibly start rads. I ended up not doing any of those things. The RO said he can start the radiation, however, he can't say definitively if the new lump is cancer without further testing. I was so tempted to just start the radiation. Seems silly though to go through all of that if there is still cancer in there. He also said it could be a seroma from the core needle biopsy I just had. I'm hopeful that is the case, and I can just move on. I'm starting to feel like a ping pong ball - radiation - US - radiation - US. I'm rethinking my decision to have a lumpectomy. The risk of infection was just so high for me, which is why we chose the lumpectomy. I guess there is no point in second guessing - it is what it is. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. Here's wishing for a seroma or another fibroadenoma.

Thanks for checking on me.


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