2/12/14 - Update

I've been a bit in limbo while waiting for my ultrasound. It's scheduled for tomorrow. I've given up on trying to predict an outcome. When I first started this process I was sure it wasn't cancer, and was wrong. The last scare I had, I was sure it was back, and I was wrong. I guess if I were to follow a pattern, I should think it's back so I can be wrong again. Yep, I think wrong is a good way to go. I find you can really drive yourself batty. Every little ache and pain makes you wonder if it's progressed. Having rheumatoid arthritis makes it even more challenging. I asked my oncologist how I would know between a progression and RA - he didn't really have an answer for me. I guess the only way to know for sure are biopsies and scans. Fear of progression seems to always be on my mind since these new lumps keep popping up. I'm ready to move forward from limbo land.

On a brighter note, Mike has started his first full-time job. It's a bit odd not having him in-and-out during the day. I'm very excited for him though - he has joined the world of adulthood.

We put our motor home on consignment. Any takers??? Six years of camping has been a blast - I'll miss camping by the beach the most. We made a decision to travel more once my treatment is done, and we really can't afford both. We miss our road trips to Washington and there are so many places we haven't seen. We would also like to take a road trip to see Don and Annie in NC, Aunt Jayne in PA and my hometown in NY. Once we hit the lottery, we will be good to go! Laugh if you want -- it will happen -- somebody has to win :P.

Hope you are all doing well. I will give you an update once I get my results.

Love to All,



  1. Hi Beppy. thinking of you, and hope your results are good to go! i had a lumpectomy, too, and i am mostly happy with it, but it is full of lumps and bumps and scar tissue, and swollen nodes. mine did have to be aspirated once, two months after, for a seroma. and my LE therapist swears it is a seroma again. but my breast surgeon says it LE, whereas, before, she denied i even HAD LE, for the longest time! Go figure! the thing is, i don't recognize the geography of my poor boob, anymore, as it is always changing. However, i plan on making "him" hug and kiss tha boob. its valentines day after all! Keep going, Good woman.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Kat. It's amazing all the lumps and bumps we feel after surgery. I didn't have the SNB so I'm hoping I don't get LE. I'm sorry you're having to deal with it - it sounds horrible. I'm looking forward to the day we can get past all of this and get on with our lives. Never give up and never give in! :)