1/28/14 - Cleared for Radiation

I had my three month MUGA scan yesterday. I haven't gotten the results yet. The technician said she didn't see anything I should worry about, which is good news. I've been cleared to start radiation. The second part of my simulation is scheduled for next Wednesday, Feb. 5th. I was told they will most likely start treatment on that day as well. I'm optimistic that I will get through rads with no major side effects. I've got a Herceptin infusion coming up on Tuesday, Feb. 4th. I'm thinking about taking up residence at the doctors office. I'm sure they can make a small space for me to sleep. I would save so much money on gas! Oh well, that's the price you pay for living out in the boondocks. I'm developing awesome driving skills. I've learned to move over quickly when someone is flashing their lights at me. I've never been flipped off so much in my life. I find it puzzling to be going 75-80 on a 70 mph freeway, and still have people get ticked off . It's not like I'm granny behind the wheel. Who really needs to go 90 mph? Crazy drivers!! Hope you're all having an awesome week so far.

Thanks for checking on me.


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