7/29/14 - ER Visit

Over the weekend we went to my daughter's to visit. During the visit my lower back on my right side started to really hurt. I've been complaining of overall pain to my MO, which is one of the reasons he stopped my Herceptin infusions. On the drive back from Robyn's, my pain got progressively worse. When Sunday rolled around nothing was improving. By Monday morning, I was in agonizing pain. It's not too often that I will describe my pain as a 10, but Monday morning, I couldn't move. It took me hours to get out of bed. At the same time, I was trying really hard not to go to "Crazy Town", thinking it was a progression of my cancer. I visited that town far too often during my NF diagnosis. I'm trying so hard not to repeat the past. Once you're diagnosed with cancer though, any real pain you feel automatically goes to that thought.

When Bud called me, I was in tears it hurt so badly. He encouraged me to call my MO. I left a message and got a pretty quick callback. The MO was concerned that it may be a spinal compression and instructed me to go to the ER or Urgent Care. We decided to go to the ER even though it was almost an hour drive. We figured they were better equipped to handle anything that popped up.

Me in the ER - Such an attractive picture - 40 lbs. later.

As soon as I arrived they got me back to a room quickly. They weren't able to get in my chemo vein (I had a feeling that would happen), so they started an I.V. where they typically take blood tests. My first drug was Dilaudid. I've never had that before, but boy did it make a huge difference. I went from a 10 on the pain scale down to a 5 in no time at all. They also gave me a fast acting anti inflammatory in the I.V. - I forgot to ask what that was. Once medicated, they took me to have an X-ray. My ER doctor was wonderful. She told me they didn't see anything to indicate that it was a spread of my cancer. It was her opinion that I have Sacroiliitis which is an inflammation of one or both of your sacroiliac joints - the places where your lower spine and pelvis connect. She believes it's caused by my RA. I've had hip pain due to RA before, but never to this degree. Only a cancer patient would be thrilled by the prospect of an RA spread. My MO ordered a follow-up bone scan just to be on the safe side which I will probably do this week. Once I got my diagnosis, they gave me an injection of Depo Medrol in my butt. I was in the ER for about four hours. When I left my pain level was down to a 3, and boy was I feeling loopy. The ER doctor prescribed Percocet, but so far I haven't had to use any pain medication. I'm very leery about pain medication because I was addicted to the Oxy they had me on when I had my NF, so I try to avoid pain medications as much as possible.

I am feeling so much better - I'm able to sit up again!! The shot I received is even making my knee swelling go down too. Therefore, I’ve rescheduled my appointment with my RA doctor. I’m all for anything that can delay or cancel my knee’s being drained. It’s amazing how sitting up can make a person feel so good! Today is a much better day!! Still have to deal with the swollen glands in my neck, but I'm hopeful it will have something to do with my RA, or a general side effect from chemo. That appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Thanks for checking on me!



  1. Beppy, thank you so much for writing about what you are going through. You are a great inspiration to me, i don't know, maybe other people might hear you complain. But with all that you live with or have had happen to you, you just state the facts plainly and with so much grace. I want to be just like you when i grow up, hopefully sometime this weekend. I think you are beautiful & the shadows under your eyes reveal the only true clue to your suffering. i would so paint you. And i am so happy that you are being very brave, and actually putting a photo of yourself here for us to see,i know how hard that is for you. i really am such a cry baby compared to you...

  2. Kathe, You give me too much credit. Trust me - I've done my fair share of complaining! and.....you are NOT a cry baby! You're very brave and are doing very well with all you've had to deal with during your treatment. Don't let those doctors take away your confidence in yourself.