12/13/13 - Herceptin Infusion Canceled

Due to the rash I have from surgery, they've canceled my Herceptin infusion on Monday. I was really excited because it fit nicely into my vacation from cancer for the holidays, until I realized I have an oncologist appointment next Friday. Then I got a call from the radiation oncologist and they want to see me next Thursday. Ugggggg - I can't escape!!! Oh well what can ya do?

I'm pretty much done with the Christmas shopping and I actually have everything all wrapped. I can't say I've ever done that in all the years I've been alive. I'm usually the nutcase out on Christmas Eve, frantically trying to figure out what to get everyone.

I really don't have anything interesting to update. I'm still working on my side effect blog. I thought I would wait and see if there are any other side effects that pop up. As far as my hair goes, it hasn't grown much so taking a picture would be pointless. I'm almost six weeks out from chemo and I'm disappointed to say there has been little to no growth. My leg hair seems to be coming back - figures huh? On the plus side, I never lost my eyebrows and my eyelashes only thinned out a little. I also don't have underarm hair which has been wonderful.

Robyn leaves tomorrow but she will be back on Christmas Eve :). It has been wonderful having her around and I can't thank her enough for coming home during this time.

Thanks for checking on me. Happy shopping to all.


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