9/26/13 - Switch from Neupogen to Neulasta

Man, I Have Big Ears!
Hair is Pretty Much Gone
Sorry for not updating in awhile, but this second round was a bit tough for me. I think it had a lot to do with the Neulasta shot. The Neulasta gave me much more bone and muscle pain than the Neupogen. I've spent most of this past week sleeping which is very unusual for me. My limbs feel very heavy - it feels like I'm carrying around three times my weight. I thought I was being proactive with the constipation by starting Miralax the day before chemo. It seemed to be working the first couple of days, but that quickly changed. My digestive system has really taken a hit which I figured would happen, considering my past complications. I think so far, that has been my worst side effect. It feels like my digestive system is shutting down. You'd think for most people that would deter their appetite. NOT ME! For the exception of the first five days after chemo, I have the appetite of a small country. It doesn't matter how numb my taste buds get, I'm still hungry. Things continue to dry out - nose, scalp, and skin seem to get worse with each treatment. I'm hoping once I get done, I won't resemble a dried prune. I've been lucky not to experience much neuropathy thus far. I've been diligent with my mouth - flossing and brushing after each meal and I have not had any mouth sores. I had Bud shave my head this week. So much of my hair had fallen out that I started to resemble an ostrich. In some places it was longer, in others it was completely bald. We tried to even it all out. Now I look like a well-groomed ostrich. I never realized how big my ears are until I had no hair. I'm wondering if I can get free TV reception with those satellite dishes! I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes and unfortunately I still have to shave my legs. I think my leg stubble is starting to thin out, but that just may be wishful thinking on my part.

My Dear Friend, Jenny and Me (I'm Wearing my Wig)
I may be turning a corner on this second chemo, but on my next one, I may try not to be so ambitious. Two days after chemo I went to a Look Good, Feel Better class (http://lookgoodfeelbetter.org) put on by the American Cancer Society. We drove all the way out to Loma Linda for a two hour class. I guess that wasn't one of the better decisions I've made so soon after treatment. However,  it was an informative class, giving instruction on how to apply makeup without contamination. Cosmetic companies donate an unbelievable amount of free makeup to the cause. They also let you pick out a free wig. It really is a great program and I applaud all the companies that donate. The people that run the class are all volunteers. I would definitely recommend going to a class - I mean, who can turn down free makeup? I'm not talking cheap makeup either - I got a Chanel lipstick in my kit.

All in all, I am hanging in there. Once I've got more energy I will do a blog on the different side effects and what I'm doing to combat them. Hopefully that will help the next person that comes along with the same problems.

Thanks for checking on me!



  1. You don't need makeup or wigs...you're still beautiful without them! The most beautiful of all is your inner beauty; your positive, uplifting nature, and your determination. We love you! <3

  2. I think the wig is great - we all have the "hoke" ears! You are not alone. Hang in there - your hair will come back curly and beautiful just like before the treatment!.