9/11/13 - Hair Loss

Sunday night I had a dream that my hair was falling out. Monday morning while washing my hair, it started coming out. I've read that sometimes people dream about their hair falling out right before it does. I wonder if that's our body's way of preparing us. Even though you know it's coming, it's quite shocking when it actually starts to happen. You always hope you'll be the one person that doesn't have hair loss even though all the doctors and nurses say it will definitely happen. I was convinced I had bionic hair follicles. Now I wake up every morning with quite a bit of hair on my pillow - when I walk I rain hair. Last night I dropped off half of Jeanne's kitchen (all her dishes from food she's made for me) and was walking to their front door. It was pretty windy outside and I could see tiny particles flying through the air. I was wondering what it could be and realized it was my hair! I was hoping the neighbors didn't come out their front door. I would hate to see my hair landing on them - getting in their eyes or going up their noses. The whole neighborhood is probably covered with my hair. I wonder if my hair would qualify for one of those bad air warnings? I'm supposed to go out to lunch today with my sister and Robyn. I'm hoping my food doesn't get sprinkled with hair while I'm eating. I guess I could always blame it on my waitress and get a free meal. Imagine the scene:  Me telling the waitress, "There's hair in my food!"  Her looking at my hairy shirt with scorn and doubt. I should invent a guard around my neck to catch all the hair. I would have to come up with a catchy name. Chemo HairGuard, Chemo HairCatcher, Catch-a-Shed - you get the picture. Better yet, maybe I can come up with a device that works as a constant vacuum cleaner circulating around my head. I can call it the Hairy Hoover. Or better yet, I can carry a dust buster in my purse - or make a special holster for it and wear it on my hip. Then all of us chemo girls can have a contest on who is the quickest draw. We can make a whole event out of it and earn money for cancer research. See where my mind goes when I don't sleep at night - scary huh? I guess I should just get a buzz cut. I think I'm still holding out hope that I will have bionic hair follicles - a girl can dream!



Special thanks to BudBud and Mike for coming with me to my PA appointment on Monday. It was nice to have my boys with me. Also, thank you to Melissa for visiting with her boys last week. It was so great to see you all - it really made my day.


  1. I am in contact with your every posting - I am with you in Spirit - you are very lucky to have such great people around you who love you.

  2. We were happy to come visit you! We missed you! It made our day, too. :)