4/8/14 - Radiation Completed!!

Today I completed my radiation treatment. 30/30 finally finished!! My side effects from radiation have been pretty minimal so far. The RO said I can have skin changes for up to two weeks from completion. Honestly, the upper respiratory infection is giving me more problems than the SE's from rads. I've spent the past three nights coughing my brains out. Trust me, I can't afford to lose any more of my brain. My ribs, back and hernia are soooo sore. When did I turn into a 90-year-old woman? I saw the doctor today, and he prescribed cough medicine with a kick. I took it an hour ago, and so far, I'm still coughing. It's unusual for me to develop a cough when I'm sick. Unlike my dear sister - she got the cough gene - along with Miss Melody. Tomorrow I've got a MUGA scan scheduled to check my heart. This will be my third scan.

The next step is to lose the 24 POUNDS I've gained since being diagnosed. It's weird how 10 pounds turned into 20, and 20 turned into 24. I know I was supposed to continue walking during my radiation treatments, but I just didn't feel like exercising. I really admire the women that continue working and exercising. I'm just not that ambitious. Hopefully, once my fatigue subsides, a wonderful burst of energy will take over.

I'm done with chemo, done with surgery & done with radiation. All I have left is my Herceptin infusion every three weeks. I'll be done with that in September.

Sleepy time. Thanks for checking on me!



P.S. I brought dozens of donuts to my rad team today. I felt bad for being so grouchy the day I walked out. They were all such wonderful people - even when I wasn't very patient. I think they forgave me :)

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